Franchising Q&As

Can I run a Canto Gelato at arm’s length?

It depends!

If you are an independent franchisee we would expect you to work full time within the store until such time as you are ready to open your next site when we would expect you to recruit management to run your 1st site.

Alternatively, if you are a corporate entity we would expect that you would commit a senior manager to oversee the brand development plan that had been agreed and on site dedicated management to run the day to day business.

Do Canto Gelato provide funding?

We do not provide financing. We are looking for candidates with the means to secure financing on their own.

Do Canto Gelato negotiate leases and whose name are they in?

Leases are signed by the franchisee’s and as such are ultimately their responsibility as the franchisee is the leaseholder. You must obtain legal representation regarding all lease negotiations. However, we will support you as much as we can with your negotiations but ultimately it will be your responsibility.

What support do Canto Gelato give me?

  • The franchise system that enables you to operate to the Canto Gelato brand standards.
  • Assistance with staff recruitment and selection
  • Full supply chain and logistics
  • Complete pre and post opening training
  • Opening support staff
  • Compliance visits
  • Business reviews
  • New product launches
  • Marketing and promotional materials
  • Integrated EPOS system
  • On-going operational advice
  • Refresher training
  • Set up of social media and web accounts
  • Continuous brand development

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