Canto Gelato Chooses Giovanni’s Gelato

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It is with great delight that we welcome Giovanni’s Gelato to our dessert parlour in Andover. Our partnership will enable us to bring you authentic Artisan Italian Gelato, Giovanni’s produce over 100 flavours of hand-made Gelato, Sorbetti and Frozen Yogurt.

Giovanni’s Gelato is a superior product in comparison to ice-cream, why you may ask? Gelato contains on average 50 – 60% less fat! Gelato, although much creamier and flavourful than ice-cream actually has fewer calories. Vegetable fat, which is the usual choice for ice-cream is substituted for dairy fat, which poses as a far superior fat content.

Further, Gelato has a much higher density than ice cream. Ice-cream manufacturers add air to ice-cream as it nearly doubles the quantity of their product without increasing costs. Unlike ice-cream, very little air is added to our Gelato resulting in a higher quality product with a rich and creamier taste. In order to enhance taste, Gelato is also served slightly warmer than ice-cream, this helps bring out each individual flavour for you to savour for longer.

Carmelo Gristina CEO of Giovanni’s Gelato commented: “It is a pleasure to be working with Canto Gelato who share the same values and know the importance of high-quality produce. If you are out and about in Andover pop by and sample your favourite flavour Gelato or be daring and try something new!”